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Full Inspection
Small home one bedroom

We do comprehensive inspections of the roof systems, plumbing, landscape, electrical panels, fuses, breaker, and vents . Full home inspection is vital in the decision making process and we pride ourselves on putting our clients first.

Full Inspection
Average size home

We want to make sure that our clients are comfortable and confident in the home that they are purchasing. We will check every component of the house construction thoroughly. For example, we check the plumbing to ensure that no leaks are left undetected.

Full Inspection
Very large homes two floors

For electrical inspection we will identify the type of service drop, check the entire system for wire corrosion, double tapping, wire amperage, and recommended wire size. We also will provide detailed, easy to understand reports to our clients.


Wind mitigation inspection is needed to determine whether a home receives credits based on the components that are used to secure roofing systems. These components, when installed correctly, will prevent serious damage to the roofing systems and will be thoroughly checked. So, in the event of a hurricane or windstorm your roofing system will not be damaged. G Houzz Inspection will conduct a wind mitigation inspection that will decrease the windstorm insurance.

Four point inspection

The Four Point Inspection is usually conducted on homes that are 30 years or older. G Houzz Inspection will inspect the four key areas of the home: roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in order to fulfill requirements of insurance inspections.

Report Generation

Once the inspection has been completed from our side, you can expect to have your report the same day


Full Home Inspection

Wind Mitigation

Four Point Inspection

Report Generation

We are serving in many areas, like Royal Palm beach, Miami, Hollywood and West Palm Beach.

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